Generic JSON/RestAPI Binding for Openhab2


I have the following question, I don’t know if this has been discussed before.
Is there a generic JSON/RestAPI binding for openhab2?

What I have in mind is a binding for DIY projects that offer a RestAPI for automatic binding/Configuration in openhab2.
To be more precise I have got a little self made solar station (panel,regulator,battery) on my balcony and an arduino micro controller that measures the solar current and controls a relay for my consumers, i.e. two lamps. So in the words of home automation/openhab a have a thing with sensors and actors.
My idea of the representation in software is to use python/flask as a RestAPI -> use python/pymata to control the arduino with -> firmata firmware on the arduino over a serial connection, that is established via bluetooth between the arduino on the balcony and the raspberry pi where openhab is running.

In openhab2 I can address my thing with the exec_binding by sending an receiving curl statements and make rules with the rules engine. What I would appreciate is to have a generic RestAPI binding that requests my API und gets all the information of my sensors and actors to bind these items naturally and automatically into openhab2 with all the benefits.

So once again: Is there something like such a binding?

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Yes you can use HTTP binding (
And JSON Path transformation :
But Personnaly for your project I think it’s better to use MQTT