Generic request for Denon/Marantz receivers

The Denon/Marantz binding is working well with my AV7705. The generic general#command makes it possible to execute any command on the preamp, which is great.

But is there also a way to execute a generic request? I would e.g. like to request the HDMI monitor output status, which is done with the VSMONI-command. I don’t find a way to execute this, is there any?

Best regards,

I do not use this binding but have you looked at

Yes I did. I found the VSMONI-command in there. But it is a command to request data. The general command seems only to be usuable for commands which do anything in the receiver.

If you can request and receive the data then create a proxy (dummy item to display info) item and use a rule to get the info.

I can actually request but do not receive any data from that request. I don’t see anthing, even if I enable TRACE-log level for the denon binding.

Hi Peter,
I’ve got the same problem:
I want to take some action (rollershutter down etc.) when the HDMI monitor is switched to my beamer.

One way would be to create a specific channel general#monitor in the binding.

Your initial posting is 2 years old: is there any solution in the meanwhile?

Kind regards, Joachim

Hi Joachim,

sorry to say, but I did not find any solution.

It seems Denon/Marantz-binding was created once and is now probably not maintained anymore. The same problem as with lots of other bindings (IMHO).


For what it’s worth: I scrolled through the code and could only find reference to posting the command. There was no feedback or requesting data to be found…
I could be wrong though.