Get Alexa to launch Netflix on my LG TV

Hi folks

I have the LG binding installed and it does appear to “work” , when I change the volume or channel the changes get reflected in the log files on Openhab2.

It also turns off the TV when I ask Alexa to “turn off TV” . I’d like to be able to ask Alexa to launch Netflix on the TV.

I feel my problem is that I’m in “no man’s land” with regards to .items files and using PaperUI, so I have a mixture of both and am now, not particularly “fluent” in either.

Would anyone have an example of a .item file that shows the line needed to launch Netflix from Alexa? Apologies in advance, I feel I should know this by now.


Just to clarify your question, the Netflix app to stream is on your tv, or on another media player like Apple TV ?

It’s the Netflix app on the LG TV itself

Thank you