Get Alexa V3 Binding up and running

Hi all,

currently trying to get the v3 alexa skill working.

Openhab on local Debian (2.5 snapshot)
Myopenhab_org already connected to local system (app is working fine)
Openhab alexa binding deployed as skill and lambda function as well according to

Tried to adapt config in lambda/config.js (first oauth, second basic authentication with static username and password)

is account linking possible via oauth if in use?

any successful attempts from your side?

Here is the answer from the link you posted.

If you aren’t using your own OAuth2 server (e.g. private openHAB Cloud Connector), it is highly recommended to use Login with Amazon. See this post to set it up for your private skill.

Login with amazon doesn’t work since myopenhab is public and I’m not able to configure the oauth scope, correct?

What did I quote? Login with Amazon is the recommendation.

easy tiger
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The tutorial (@Bruce incl. Login with Amazon) doesn’t work (at least for me), otherwise I wouldn’t have started this thread.

Anybody who was more successful and went through exactly the described steps?

The Openhab Skill for Alexa V3 is not yet released in the Amazon Store.

Function established, achieved it by following these steps (deviating from original tutorial)

  • replacing paths in skill.json: openhab-alexa/v3/res/openhablogo-108.png
  • Manual user and pass in config.js
  • european Server -> by deploying to US (aws config adapted, but didn’t work), reuploading to EU, changing IDs in skill