Get channel (defined in XML) in Java

In thing-type.xml I have defined one thing and one channel. The thing does not have channels in XML because they are known only during runtime. t add them I’m using editThing() method (in ThingHandler). The problem I have is how to get channel (that is defined in XML) in Java code?

Below I’m attaching code samples:

<thing-type id="supla-io-device">
		<bridge-type-ref id="suplaCloudBridge"/>

	<label>Supla Device</label>
		Thing that represents devices added to Supla Cloud. All channels will be discovered after connecting to Supla Cloud.

		<parameter name="supla-cloud-id" type="integer" required="true">

<channel-type id="switch-channel">
	<label>ON/OFF switch</label>
	<description>Allows you to turn thing ON/OFF</description>

Java code, BaseThingHandler class:

public void initialize() {
	ThingBuilder thingBuilder = editThing();
	thingBuilder.withChannels( ??? ); // TODO from where I can get Channel?


Channels are referenced by their UID, so the following should get the channel type -:

new ChannelTypeUID("your binding id", "your channel type");

From there, you should be able to create the channel with the channel builder…

Thank you very much!