Get data from a regular motion sensore

I know there are some smart sensors, but it is possible to process any relay state (from a regular motion sensor) into a switch data (on/off)? For example an alarm binding could be a bridge between a motion sensor and openhab, but do you any other idea?

The question is, how you get the relay state to openHAB, you could use GPIO or something else, it depends of your exisitng hardware, e.g. knx has binary Input modules to get normal switch states to the bus.

Lots of options. I use an Arduino with ethernet shield and MQTT for one of my motion sensors. I’ll be using esp8266 and MQTT for another soon.

As Udo_Hartmann suggests, if you run on a rasppi or similar with gpio, you can talk to those directly.

This is in addition to all of my motions that are bridged in using the DSC plugin.

I have a raspberry and I have already use gpio binding to handle some relay. I would prefer to connect by gpio, and as far as I can see gpio binding can handle input pins as ‘contact’.
Great, thank you. :slightly_smiling: