Get Error - But not found in Config Files

Hi all,

I’m new to openHAB2 and i played arround with it quite well till now.

I Get the Following Error-Message in the Log. But i can’t found any entry with “%.2f °C” in any File.
Also do a GREP over all files… but fpund nothing :frowning:
Where else could be defined this?
[ui.internal.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Exception while formatting value ‘ON’ of item Heizung_Erdgeschoss_Esszimmer_CtrlMode_MANU with format ‘%.2f °C’: java.util.IllegalFormatConversionException: f != java.lang.String

Big Thanks!

I’d suggest looking in your .items or .sitemap files. If you use paper UI I’ve got no idea

If as the other comments says, you cannot find it in your items or sitemap files, you may want to stop openHAB and delete the content from the tmp and cache folder (depending on your version of OH2, make sure that you do not delete the folders themselves or re-create them if it happened) and start OH2 again.
Ho to do this exactly depends on what machine/OS you run your OH2 and how you installed it (no info in your post).
The forum has tips on how to do this, so look around to find the instructions for your setup. If you need to know where the folders are, look into the documentation.

I tried to clean everything out of the Database.
But still existst. Now I installed the Binding new and killed everything (things and items).
Looks like it solved, but this can’t be a solution. This sucks really…
there sould be a Interface showing and let edit internal DB and chache.

Thanks & Cheers

If you are using the PaperUI to handle your items and things, everything is stored in a json database that you can edit. The documentation will give you the details you need to do that.
If you are using configurations by manual writing the .items and .things files, then these files are the only ones relevant (except some caching of course); manually configured files are NOT saved in this json database.

I kicked out anything from PaperUI.
Clean anything.
Installed Bindings new.
Add just Things over PaperUI and changed my items.files to the new hash of the Binding.
First looks good, but then it show’s up again.
Alle my Configs are in files (except things).

I give up, and install the shit again. Maybe this works…

Found it. It was a Value missmatch of the value type.
Thanks for any hint. :slight_smile:

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