Get Identifier Xiaomi Aqara Switch


i just bought the Aqara switch from xiaomi and was trying to get it running with openhab 2.0.
But i just struggled because the auto discovery of the Mi Home Binding won’t trigger for this switch.

So my problem is, where and how do I get the identifier of this switch?
I’m able to add it as a thing, but I don’t know where to get the id from.
I spend an evening googling for a solution, but it didn’t wen’t well.

I hope someone is able to help me.

Thank you!!

Strange that the auto discovery doesn’t find it. This device is supported in 2.1 I think…

If you want to define it manually, you can lookup ythe id via the Mi Home app.
Click on you Gateway, press the 3 dots in the right top corner, choose About, select Gateway information. In the 2nd part you should see all your connected devices with their names and id’s.

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For some reason the Binding does not detect the Wired with zero line switches. After adding the items manually as outlined above the switch works, however these switches support monitoring power delivered, these enhanced parameters are not exposed.

Hi, where in Mi Home app did you find that?
I do my best, went through all the app, but did not find anything.
Can you help me please?

The location of this info is changed in one of the latest updates:

  • Open your gateway
  • Click on the three dots in the right-upper corner
  • ‘About’
  • ‘Hub info’
    => here you should see all device info in json format. You can copy all this info and send it by mail to yourself to easily copy/paste the id’s

Thank you SO MUCH! This helped A LOT!

The binding for me.somehow discovers no new items so I want to add them manually but I can not find the device id anywhere. Also I can not see Hub info in the app.

Can anyone help me

Can you provide some screenshots? I just checked in the Mi App (latest version 5.5.66), and it’s still there