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I have to add functionality to a big KNX-Installation.
I have a KNX-IT Router ( IPR/S 2.1 from ABB) , linked to a switch.
I have no idea of the architecture of the existing architecture ( items, lines…)
I only want to speak with the router and one new installed actor ( by a supplier).

How do the discovery works? How do I get the bus traffic? And even further how do I debug this things.

From the docu, I get it the other way round: I have to know the architecture of the installation ( is hidden for me
by contractor), and configure by hand.
How do I see the function and links of my router?

Steffen Netz

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Intel I5
    • OS: Win 7 Professional
    • Java Runtime Environment: JDK jdk1.8.0_151
    • openHAB version 2.1:
  • Issue of the topic: Understanding Basics

There is no way to get all information without using ETS, you will have to do a complete scan of the installation.

But if you only want to control one actuator, the only thing to know is, which group addresses are configured to this actuator.
Of course, these group addresses must be set with ETS and they must not mess with the rest of the knx system.

In fact, alll information about a knx installation is to be documented and must be delivered be the electrician, documentation is a must and not an option!

Hello Steffen,
@Udo_Hartmann is right, if you do not have any documentation you can spend ages tracing the bus without getting all the information about your installation.
Besides that I´d say that this is purely a KNX-related question without a link to openHAB - so maybe you should ask the people in the knx user forum (German).

openHAB is not the tool you are looking for, you need to use ETS.

Kind Regards,