Get Power/Meter Readings

I’m trying to get the power/meter usage readings of my light switches and/or bulbs if possible, but not sure if the switches support or if I’m doing something incorrect.

I have Leviton Zwave Switches and Dimmer Switches, as well a Aeon Zwave bulb that I’m testing with.

For a light switch, I have the Item Switch and Number as follows:

Switch Light_Foyer “Foyer Lights” (GF_Corridor, Lights) {zwave=“3”,imperihab=“room:Foyer,label:Foyer,type:DevSwitch,watts:Energy_Foyer”}
Number Energy_Foyer “Foyer Lights [%.2f W]” {zwave=“3:command=METER,meter_scale=E_W,refresh_interval=60” }

And for the Aeon light Bulb I have the following as well

Switch Light_Aeon				 	"Aeon Light"		(GF_Living, Lights)	{zwave="6", imperihab="room:Test,label:AeonTest,watts:Energy_Aeon"}
Number Energy_Aeon     				"Aeon Power [%.2f W]"   <energy>   		{zwave="6:command=METER,meter_scale=E_W,refresh_interval=60" }

And a sample in the sitemap looks like:

Switch item=Light_Aeon
Text item=Energy_Foyer visibility=[Light_Aeon==ON]

Am I doing something incorrect or do these items not support the ability to show their power consumption?

Leviton ZWave switches don’t have the capability, not sure about the others but you can probably look them up in the capability DB

Thanks for the quick reply.

So although i’m semi invested in the leviton switches, perhaps I’ll look around at some others and see what I can find. I just like the ‘cool’ factor of knowing the power usage of this stuff.

All of my switches/dimmers are Leviton also, so that’s the bulk of my ZWave network.

I’m using a separate monitoring tool, from Brultech, that’s measuring power usage/generation at the circuit level.