Get rid of "Zombie rule"

I somehow managed to create a rule via UI that ist always there but can’t be opened, edited ore deleted. If I click on it in the Rules overview it loads forever. If i try to delete it, it says:

An error occurred while deleting: Not Found

How can I get rid of it? This is really annoying.

Hi Andreas, welcome to the forums.

If the rule is being shown in the UI then that means that there’s some part of it still in the rule jasondb that can be accessed by the api. If you know the uuid of the rule, you might be able to use the api interface in the UI to delete the rule.


If you haven’t changed anything else recently that you’re worried about loosing, then you might be able to restore the jasondb from the backup folder in /userdata/jsondb

As a last resort if those two don’t work, you may have to resort to manually removing the stub of the rule from the jasondb file. This can be dangerous if you are not careful so I’d definitely try the other two options first.

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This doesn’t work, it says

Rule corresponding to the given UID does not found.

what exactly do i have to do? There ist no folder “userdata” under “/”


=> /var/lib/openhab/jsondb

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Thank you all. I didn’t change automation_rules.json directly, but to have a look at it was helpful any way so i figured out the real uuid (with some special whitespace characters) and so I was able to delete it with the api interface in the UI.