Get states of all the items in the binding

Hi ,
I need in binding to get all items states, names etc. There is a function to get it ?
Someone know how to do this ?

There are a few ways. From the console you can type “items” and then grep for the binding name provided it is in the item name.

If you want to be a little cleaner about it, you can use the REST API. You can find the doc by going to your OpenHAB base URL, and clicking on the pane for “REST API” From there, use your favorite programming language, or simply use cURL to hit endpoint and grab what you want.

Thanks for reply , but I don’t wana use REST API in my binding,it make work but it’s wrong to make URL Request’s when you are connected to Event Bus. I found that in “HueEmulation” and in “PulseAudio” they are using itemRegistry.getItems() to get Item list but i don’t know how to implement that function in my binding…yet!

Sorry, I misread your post and thought you were looking for all items associated to a binding in openHAB.