Get the internet service provider via curl and

I have a string item, which contains my public IP.
Now i Want to get the ISP. If i run it in the command Line it will work.
Do i have to escape the forward slashes?

var String Device1_ISP=executeCommandLine("/usr/bin/"+Device1_IP_WAN.state.toString+"/org")

This works, if i run it directly in the commandline.

Note: i can not run curl ,because the The public IP of OH is different.
Why do i want to have this?
Noticing changes in the Internet Connectivity, ISP1 is Telefonica, but when the Device connects to another Wifi or the SIM card is changed, the ISP might be different.

I had to use curl -s
I i run it directly no progress bar is shown.
but when the addons is running curl, there was a progress bar.