Get Tradfri Occupancy Sensor Events - possible?

So far my integration is going on and openhab connect several smart devices pretty well …
But i’m disappointed by the limited functionality of the Tradfri occupancy sensor.
You are able to adjust brightness level, before it “fires” and event and set the duration to the lights being on.
Rather i would like to set things like “lights turn on, when movement is present for >10 seconds” or “movement is detected within a specific time frame”, as well as stop the occupancy sensor override my manual settings, which means, when i turn on the light, it should not turn off, even the sensor recognized movement (which happens right now).
For all this i would need to get the “event channel” from the sensor, which is not implemented in the binding.
Is is possible at all?

i have the same issue, but at my setting the manual setting everytime overrides the occupancy sensor which means that the light is never getting turned off.

I wasn’t able to get a workaround the “easy way”, so i bought a Zigbee shield for my RPi.
Then i disconnected the sensor from the Trafdri gateway and connected it to the RPi shield (“deconz”).
From here i got the events and was able to do a man-in-the-middle scenario, where i can manipulate the event channel just like i want it to.
Really can’t tell you, why your manual setting overrides the automatic switch event, as for me it was all the time vica versa