Getting a 404 On Habmin2

I am trying to install OpenHab om My Raspberripi 2 and everything is going well. Trying to set up a Zwave stick using habmin and keep getting a 404 error when going to (rpiaddress):8080/habmin2. Error says this.


Problem accessing /habmin2. Reason:

ProxyServlet: /habmin2

Powered by Jetty://

404 means it can’t find it. Have you put Habmin2 in the webapps folder of your openHAB install in addition to the habmin jar into your addons folder?

Yes, here is a breakdown of the files in their folders.

You are running the entire openHAB out of /etc? That is a very unusual configuration. Normally with an apt-get installation addons and webapps are located in /usr/share/openhab and a manual installation puts everything in /opt/openhab

How did you install openhab?

I used the apt-get instructions here:

Then you need to copy the jar files to /usr/share/openhab/addons and habmin2 to /usr/share/openhab/webapps. Only config files go in /etc/openhab.

Sweet, that kind of solved it. This is what the page looks like now. At least it is finding the page.