Getting a better quality white from Aeotec RGBW bulb

Just ran into a problem after setting my outside Aeotec RGBW bulbs back to white after having them in color during the holiday season. HSB white is defined as 0, 0, 100, but using this to reset my bulbs gave a slightly dull off white, light purple color.

I was using this in a rule:

val color = new HSBType(new DecimalType(0),new PercentType(0),new PercentType(100))

What worked for me to get a better white was to do this instead:

 var HSBType color = HSBType::fromRGB(255, 247, 43)

Doing some googling, it seems that there a two LED’s inside the bulb and there are some issues with both LED’s communicating with OH2. In any case, I hope this helps someone.

First, you should omit that .toString conversion. sendCommand() can take a HSBType argument for Color type items.

Dunno the Aeotec but any RGBW device I know (using several Fibaro FGRGBWM-441 myself) actually has two channels you need to adress separately, a RGB color and a separate W one. You can also define the RGB channels as separate dimmers.
Just guessing (as you didn’t show your item definition) but probably ZPorch_Color_Control is linked to the color and ZPorch to the W dimmer type channel.

However I don’t know the HSB value for plain white (but it’s not 0,0,100 for sure), plus the W channel usually is not plain white but a more or less yellowish white (hence your rgb numbers).
You should interactively change the color using the colorpicker widget to match the W channel’s color and then read out the color item’s HSB value.