Getting crazy with HomeKit

openhab on Raspberry, 2.5.0M1, Apple TV 4 as Home Server
Hi there,

I’m near to give up with HomeKit integration.
I added some new Vibrato Items to my configuration (a win-door sensor with temperature) and a RollerShutter.

After tagging them (was crazy enough to find the appropriate item types and tags) i restarted my HomeKit and was lucky to see the Temperature sensor for some time.

But after a day all the items (including the old ones, some Lighting/Switches) gave the signal “no connection”. The openHab itself still showed, but all items refused to show.

So i did, what is recommended: removePairing, restart openhab etc etc etc. But everything got worse. Now i cannot re-pair the openhab with my AppleTy, it alway tells me “cannot connect” after i typed in my code for HomeKit. So i changed the code, but nothing helped me.

So has anyone a idea to completely reset the HomeKit integration (without a trace or a hidden data lost in s omg backup space).

I can publish my configuration (without the credentials here) if this helps someone to help me.

Best regards

The homekit has undergone quite substantial changes after 2.5M1 (including improvements in item handling and an update to the underlying library with a lot of bugfixes). I would not spend too much time with the old binding. If you don’t use any of the known “problem”-bindings (AFAIK amazondashbutton and maybe bluez), I would recommend upgrading.

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Hello Jan,

sorry for confusion: I’m using the milestone release 2.5.0~M1-1. This is the newest one, i do see, if i don’t use the snapshot. Should i use this ?
Yesterday I got it working after some restarts, but now its broken again.
After clearPairings and restarting over and over, i had my switches (Lighting) back.
But now i do see the Problem that openHAB is there in my Home, but all 4 devices (switches and temperature) are offline (“Gerät nicht erreichbar”).
After some time (without restarting) they re-appear, strange enough.
But as i followed the tips again, openHab disappeared and i could not manage to get openHab in my “home” again.
Strange enough some datastore seems to be active since my newly set pin is accepted and displayed in PaperUI despite i killed all the son files in between.
So please could you tell me to reset HomeKit to the “factory settings” and start anew.
Btw: i cannot add my roller shutter (fibaro roller shutter 3) and my window sensor (fiber again)
Best regards and thanks