Getting hue emulation working with amazon echo

My setup:
Amazon account 1: original echo dot, original echo show
Amazon account 2: 2x gen 3 echo dots
OH3 installed with hue emulator running. iptables forwarding 80 to port 8080. I also briefly tried just running OH3 on port 80 without luck
everything is on the same network

After getting OH3 up and running I was able to immediately get the echos from Amazon account 1 to discover the devices the hue emulator was broadcasting. Account 2 however would not discover them. I tried every combo of v1 bridge, v2 bridge, and add unknown user-keys without luck. I even took the echo devices on account 1, deregistered them, registered them to account 2, unplugged the gen 3 echo dots, and still couldn’t get that account to discover the devices. I also tried deleting every device in account 2 and then trying to discover. No luck.

I was even trying to set up amazon-echo-ha-bridge to act as a go between, but with OH3 having a proper rest implementation, that’s no longer usable.

Any ideas on what else to try or other options for getting the echos on the second Amazon account to recognize the hue emulated devices?

Did you setup nginx as mentioned in the documentation? Sounds like you might need to do that to get your echos to pair properly.

What does adding nginx to the equation get me over running openhab directly on port 80 or using iptables to forward traffic from 80 to 8080?

Not sure what it buy so you but saw another few posts that nginx is required.