Getting "Item not created: Bad Request" when creatig a model group?

  • Platform information:
    • OS: Debian 11

Hey guys, sadly dont have much info on the hardware since some other guy in the company who is not avitable now did the setup part got all the thermometers and sensors integrated in OpenHab, im now tasked with creating groups for → floors → rooms. Whenever I create a module (for example “1OG”, “2OG”, etc) within my “company name” mosule, it tells me “Item not created: Bad Request” sometimes, and all day today. Yesterday I was able to create them with no problem by doing the same thing but had to delete them to try something out. Both name and label are the same, just like location and semantic class are the same. Any idea why it would be like that?

just now after clicking around, reloading page and waiting for 2 hours it worked again. Weird.

Edit after another 2 hours: Once again not working

If you see an error in MainUI, there is always a more detailed error printed in the logs.

If these are the names of the semantic items you are creating then this is the problem. Items cannot have names that start with a number. Recent versions of the UI are expected to prevent you from doing this. If the UI is letting you do this at all, then that is a bug.

Yes after looking up the logs via nslookup in commandline it did say “invalid name” but the UI only gave me invalid name error when I used something like a dot, minus or left a space between words and otherwise only the “Bad Request” error. So yeah, the name has to start with a letter.

Thanks yall!