Getting Started w/o Config Files

Hello, I start by asking forgiveness from the veterans for my “dry feet”! I’m just getting started wit OH, and thought I would get my feet wet by first installing and configuring a setup using the UI only. Then, I planned to go at it again with the files approach when i’m comfortable. I have gone through a great deal of the documentation and posts, and am still trying to wrap my understanding around the relationship between the text files and internal DB populated by PaperUI - especially if they are utilized at the same time. Some of my first questions - Do I understand the following correctly?

  1. If text files are not utilized, it appears to me that the Bassic UI, Classic UI and Sitemaps are completely useless. Correct?
  2. If text files are not utilized, integration with the Alexa skill is not possible, since type tags can’t be associated with items. Correct?

Also on this topic (maybe), I have successfully added a couple of Radio Thermostat CT-32’s, and linked their channels to items. The items show up in PaperUI Control, where I am able to adjust ‘SetTemperature’ by typing in a numeric value. However, I am unable to enter a value for the item in the mobile app. It appears, but there is no place to enter a value.I’m wondering if this is a sitemap issue?

  1. The only way to define and configure the contents of Basic UI and Classic UI and the phone apps are through the use of .sitemap files. There is no other way. You can use HABPanel which is all configured in the browser.

  2. I think that is correct too.

For your last question, you need to create a Number Item linked to that channel on the Thing, then put your Item on a Sitemap or HABPanel using a SetPoint or Slider.

Thanks for replying and clearing that up!