Getting started with ZWave binding development

Hi @chris,

I’d like to explore contributing some changes to the ZWave binding, but I’m having difficulty getting started. I’m a Java developer with over 20 years of experience, and an Eclipse user, but I’ve never used PDE and I’m really struggling.

I’ve followed the central OpenHAB instructions (which hinge around a clean Eclipse install, annoyingly), and checked the ZWave plugin during setup, but I end up with a bunch of compile errors. I’ve figured a way around these from another post and I’m left with just warnings.

Now, I can’t see how to actually run an OpenHAB with the development ZWave binding installed. I can start an OpenHAB within Eclipse, but it has a bunch of bindings in it with random 5-letter names, and a bunch of things around astrological data, etc. Nothing ZWave-y.

I’ve even deliberately made non-compiling code in the ZWave library, and even that doesn’t stop me launching OpenHAB, which suggests to me that it’s not using the binding from source.

Is the barrier to entry really this high? Where am I going wrong?


I’m not really sure what your issues are - sorry. You should reasonably easily be able to import the openHAB development environment, and then just add the ZWave repository. It should really be pretty much plug and play.

I know Eclipse can be a bit of a dog to run sometimes, but I think if you’re an Eclipse user, you shouldn’t really have too many problems (which doesn’t really help, I know, as you are). I’m afraid I can’t really offer too many pearls of wisdom other than to follow the standard install.

I think I’m making progress. The launch configuration wasn’t picking up the development (source) version of the ZWave binding. Now it is. I’ll PM you about my changes (if Discourse supports PMs…)