Getting starting with Jython in OH3 in Docker

When searching here I found a post that linked to this helper libraries site. I went to follow the instructions, but doesn’t have the structure the guide seems to expect (e.g. different toplevel name, no automation directory, etc.)

Is there a better place to start?

Jython in OH3 is not ready yet, but I’m working on it. It will require an add-on.

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Ok. I’ll be patient :slight_smile:. This thread made me think it was there, but @rlkoshak may have been playing with 2.x instead.

Where can I watch for annoucements for it (rather than assuming you’d ping this thread)?

That’s only for 2.5.x though?

For now, yes. I have 3.x versions of the add-ons ready to go, but…

Any news on that topic. For me, OH30 is no go without Jython Rules support.
Invested a lot of time moving away from DSL Rules.
The GUI based rules definition is of no use if you have a complex project with a lot of sensors and actors.

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As you can all see, moving the discussion to the forum did not help to get things moving. Since Jython was not allowed to be included in 2.5.x, I have packaged Jython, the Jython helper libraries, a Jython TransformationService, Groovy, jRuby, and Kotlin for distribution in the Eclipse IoT Marketplace. They are out there, but not completely functional, so don’t expect them to be ready yet :slight_smile:. I planned to announce this over the last weekend, but due to a massive wind storm, we lost our electricity, so plans changed! I should be able to get it wrapped up next weekend, and I will make a new topic when they are ready. I’ll then post OH3 versions for manual install, if there is still not response.


Looking forward to Jython rules in OH3… I’ve been away for a while and decided buy a zwave stick and move my 2.4.0 to 3.0.0.

All my rules are in python, so that’s a must for me. it just assumed it was going to be a core component this time around. That seemed to be the way things were going last time I checked in here.

Anyway, thanks a lot for all who are working to get this in, especially @5iver. Hopefully you and @Kai can get everything resolved in time for it to officially make 3.0.0.

I appreciate the time commitment. 3.0.0 looks great so far.