Ghost (Home)sitemap?

On the iOS app and through the browser, I can see my “Main Menu” sitemap (default.sitemap). I can also see “Home”, but I don’t have another .sitemap. Where does this come from and more importantly, how do I get rid of it?!

OH 2?

That is the _default sitemap that gets created automatically with all the Items that get mapped to Things in it. I know of no way to get rid of it.

Yeah, OH2. Ok, thanks Rick. I’ll likely be picking your brain about MQTT and rules soon.

I was just about to post a topic about ‘Ghost’ sitemap and was able to find this post.

i see this same ‘Ghost’ Home Sitemap on my Android phone as well. Is there anyway to get rid of it? Since its called ‘Home’, it almost seems confusing when you create your own actual Home SiteMap.

I totally agree. Is it really not possible to get rid of this sitemap, or at least having an option to hide it from the sitemap list view in the Android / iPhone app’s?