"Ghost" items in PaperUI and Hue Emulation after changes in .items file

I have defined some devices for Hue Emulation in the .items file and deleted some of them afterwards. They still appear in the PaperUI and Hue Emulation output file. I have already checked the jsondb files, but these items are not there. Where are they saved?


This seems like a bug in the hue emulation to me, but you can fix the problem by deleting everything in the userdata/hueemulation folder and restarting openhab.

Hi Scott,

I thought so too but the files in hue emulation addon folder are recreated with these ghost items after service restart. This means addon is populated from somewhere else.


I’m getting this now. Some ghost lights and switches that exist even AFTER removing the items and ALL the files in the /var/lib/openhab2/hueemulation folder. Any ideas where these are coming from?

I have NEVER had a light called “HomeCinema_Light” as id need a “Home Cinema” first :slight_smile: the first 5 I do have.


Looks like HomeCinema is in the org.eclipse.smarthome.core.items.Item.json file… HMMMM

Complete rebuild. seem things from the default DEMO install were still in some json DB after I had createmy own items.

Ghosts for sure