*.gif uploads are no longer possible?!

I´m not sure if this is intended , but I can no longer upload *.gif files to this forum. I think it was a very helpfull feature to do so as it helps to understand mechanics better.

These days the “advantage” of gif over other formats is animation. There are many other graphic options.

But exactly this is the advantage that brings a lot of value IMO and I don’t realy understand why it was removed (maybe filesize?!)

Loooks like the animated gif can be uploaded but it is converted to a jpeg image.
Jpeg then does not support animation.

Yeah, I know… *.gif got converted to jpeg automatically :wink: And as well as I know that there are a lot of image-types that I CAN upload and that they might be smaller and better optimized for online-use, my question remains.

And it was possible round about 2 weeks ago, so it was removed not long ago.

I realize, however, that I should have phrased my question more clearly.

Have a look at the attached screenshot of the discourse fixes about 14 days ago.
On the bottom line you see the release that currently is in use.
On the top line you see that there is a fix for the conversion of animated gifs available.
This would mean one more update to a newer release.

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