Gledopto 5in1 Led Controller color setup as Generic MQTT thing

Hi Community,

I am on OH4.1 running on rPi and most of my sensors and actuators are connected thru Z2M. I have some Gledopto 5in1 type led controllers which are working fine with z2m but I am still struggle to read/write their color from OH4.

This is the the description of the this controller from z2m:

I am trying to use only the UI for setup of the system so I would appritiate your suggestion how to set up the color channel:
a) which one to use:
b) and here:
c) and how to define the incoming and outgoing formats:


Hi :slight_smile:

To a: Use Color Value (HSB, RGB or CIE xyY) (both other options are only for backwards compatibility)
To b: Either use HSB or CIE, but it depends on what’s in the payload of the state topic. So we need some more information here.
To c: I’m pretty sure you will end up with scripts rather than a simple Value Transformation/Format, as neither cie nor hsb is given in a plain format by zigbee2mqtt.
To be clear, you can use the UI to create those scripts :slight_smile:

Thanks Udo, i will try… :sweat_smile: