GlobalCache Itach Flex wont send info to OpenHab

Ive been working on a project (for whats become far to long) for a friend. The project used a float valve for an overflow tank and he wanted it to notify him if the tank was overflowing so that he could go check on it.

Im using a device called a Global Cache flex link cable, which senses a connection when the float valve gets triggered.

Im also using a raspberry pi running an “OpenHab” server on it that connects with the global cache device via LAN. Which then when its supposed to see the sensor get tripped, it sends an email to the guy so he knows his pool is overflowing.

The problem is that while im connected between the 2 devices, the only info they send each other is that they’re on and not any data. Ive confirmed connection, but whenever I change the state of the sensor, openhab never sees it change. If I unplug the sensor, openhab sees that the device has disconnected.

Openhab says it requires a .map file for the global cache device, and ive found that it needs to go into a “transform folder”. In which I dont know where it is exactly. I can control both devices by using a browser connection, but ive seen others use a program called “putty” to access the device and make this file. Ive been trying to connect with putty but have never been good at using it and it wont let me enter a password.

Ive contacted global cache support and was told that I need to be sending a UDP to the sensor from openhab and read from port 77. I dont even know how to even begin doing that cause there’s no option to do that. Additionally they found they couldnt get it to work either, and told me to let them know how I solved it so that they can publish it.

All Im trying to get is to read a simple connection from this sensor but it seems like that is too much.

Its kinda blown up to out of my knowledge and im trying to source help and advice. Im overall horrible at command line and am afraid it needs that. Does anyone know why its not sending info, and if its a map file then how do I make one and add it? Thanks

Ive attached how ive set up both the global cache

I totally cannot help with the actual problem here but I can maybe help those who can by requesting that instead of or at least in addition to posting screenshots, which are almost worthless on the forum (can’t be searched, copied, pasted, edited, or even read on small screens), that you post the contents of the “Code” tab when and where ever that tab is available (which is pretty much everywhere).

Use code fences:

code goes here

There is a lot of context and information missing in the screen shots whereas the code tab has everything as plain text.

This I might be able to address. Map is a transformation: Map - Transformation Services | openHAB.

First of all, it’s an add-on so you must make sure it’s installed.

Secondly, until OH 4.0 M2, the only way to define a transformation is through a file in the transforms folder. So there is no way around it. You must access the machine OH is installed on and put a .map file in the transforms folder.

It’s just plain text so you can create the file using any text editor. But it has to be on the machine OH is running on in the $OPENHAB_CONF/transform folder.

Depending on how you installed OH is going to drastically change how you access the machine to put the file there. You don’t say so :person_shrugging: . Standard ways are all going to require SSH meaning if you can’t figure out putty you’re not going to get them to work (e.g. scp). If you used openHABian, there should be some Samba shares which will show up on Windows as a network drive.

That’s all done by the add-on. You don’t need to do that, the Global Cache add-on does that. You just need to configure openHAB and the Global Cache device the way the add-on docs say to do it.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the help.

I was able to get SSH connection and the map file added and that is working. AND ive narrowed down the problem. OpenHab only has 3 connections available for the global cache device, but it has 8 connections in which the CC only works on connections 5-8.
SO, how do I add connections to the thing?

I can’t help with that. I’ve never even see something that uses Global Cache.