GlobalCache Serial Issue HEX

I was successful in getting the GlobalCache binding setup in OpenHAB2. I am able to send commands from my HABpanel to the iTach Serial device, but I’m running into a slight issue with the data that is actually being sent.

For example, I need to send the following HEX line: \x02\x00\x01\x04\x09\x10

I used a map file and setup the following: ZONE1_POWER_ON = 02 00 01 04 09 10

Using a debugger, it appears that the binding is actually outputting: 30 32 20 30 30 20 30 31 20 30 34 20 30 39 20 31 30

Which that HEX converted to ASCII text is: 02 00 01 04 09 10

So it appears that the binding is sending the test and not the HEX string. I have tried using binary and decimal as well, but it still ends up sending ASCII text.

Is there any way to get this binding to actually send out HEX or binary instead of text?

Try sending the url encoded version of the string


BTW, I’ve been meaning to implement this formatting in the binding, as it is quite common. Haven’t gotten around to it yet…

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@mhilbush that did the trick! Thank you so much for your quick response and help! I was worried that my implementation wasn’t going to work. Once again, thank you.

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