Go back to stable from unstable?

So, I made mistake when following a guide a week or so back resulting in me getting the unstable version of OpenHab 2. Yeah, yeah, I should have payed attention…

As it is however a bit annoying to have reconfigure my system every day as items get broken, things gets linked to new items that doesn’t work, Ghost things get discovered etc. i was wondering if it is possible to get back to the stable version and hopefully get a usable system again?

Give us some more info. What platform and installation method?

For example here’s a guide found in the official docs if you are running linux and installed through apt repos: http://docs.openhab.org/installation/linux.html#changing-versions

Ah, sorry.
I’m running on an Ubuntu desktop and installed OpenHab2 using atp-get. I have used the Paper UI add most of my Things and items.
And more precise I have these issues when I restart OpenHab. It finds new items that doesn’t exist and it should not even be able to find them as it is things that are one way only (RFXCom finds nexa lighting actuators). It also seem to break some but not all items.
And have anyone else had issues like this?

I think I will just save the current configuration and nuke this installation. And then use this configuration to manually configure the system.

Could there be something interfering with RFXCom that gives “false positives”? You can always disable automatic discovery and simple item linking after everything is set up through PaperUI. And reverting back to stable is also possible. Those might solve the problem but if this persistent on every reboot it might be a bug worth opening an issue in github.

But doing a fresh install and manually configuring everything is ok too. That’s how I have done my setup. Few things configured with PaperUI but most with .items anf .things files.

Good points. I don’t have time to do more extensive debugging right now to try to understand what is going wrong. I’ll see if I can do it later on.
The real reason I used the UI setting up things was that I had problem understanding how the channels should be used. Maybe it will be enough to just turn off the automatic updates for now, I will try that. If that works I will move items and things one by one to manual config as I feel I have greater control over them that way.


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