Goap (Qubino) ZMNHLD Flush PWM Thermostat (Zwave) missing channels!

Hello community! I have recently implemented OpenHAB2 in my home automation project, and I have a network of several zwave devices of which most (even the HVAC Fan) works out of the box! Thanks for that!

There is one device that doesnt, however. The ZMNHLD Flush PWM Thermostat. It’s a wonderful little device that I intend to use for controlling the infrared heaters in my patio (together with a few solid state relays).

When added to OpenHAB, the device show up as expected but is missing all but one channel (the Temperature reading from the attached DS18B20). All the other channels, like the temperature setpoint, are missing! I’ve tried reading up on how to fix this, but I am stuck. I’ve registered on the device database and found the device (http://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/498) but it says “Endpoint 1 has no command class linked to the basic class.”. I cant see any obvious error in the XML! Can anyone guide me a little through this?

I’ve pasted the locally created node28.xml here: https://pastebin.com/6i4rc1Su

It looks like this was probably created manually rather than by loading the XML. All the channels will need to be added manually now as well.

The channels can be found in this file -:

Don’t worry too much about this - it’s just a warning and we can probably get rid of it, but really, given the fact that there are nearly no channels defined, this is a really minor issue.

There is a bigger problem in that there is no endpoint 0 (ie the device) specified - this needs to be added along with the channels.

Do you mean originally? The file was created automatically by OpenHAB when the device was included in the Zwave network.

I’ll try to read up on this, do you have any suggestion on where to start? I suppose the file in cd-jackson.com isn’t entirely complete.

I meant the database entry - not your file.


What file do you mean that isn’t complete?

Okay, now I think I messed up. I can’t find a way to delete items in the database GUI, or to cancel any pending changes. Is there any way? Or can you cancel all my pending changes?

Also, I don’t quite understand the field “Config” in the channel editing?

There isn’t one - just mark it as DELETE ME or something and I’ll delete it.

Again - there’s no way to reverse everything you’ve done so hopefully you don’t need to do this :wink:

This allows for configuration of each channel - so if it’s a temperature channel, we isolate just the temperature - much of this is added automatically when the channels are created after you upload the XML file.

Houston, we have a problem. I think I’ve messed up all the endpoints when trying to edit manually instead up just uploading the XML :fearful:. How do I clean up this mess?