Gocontrol:HUSBZB-1 on Windows 10: problem accessing Zigbee controller


I am currently using OH 2.5.8 under Windows 10.

Yesyerday, I received a Gocontrol HUSBZB-1 USB key, which is supposed to provide me with both a Zwave and a Zigbee controller in a single USB slot.

At first, Windows would report that it had no drivers for that particular hardware. Searching the Web I found that I needed to install the CP210x USB to UART bridge driver from the Silicon Labns site (see https://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/software/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers). I did that, best I could (I found that the correct procedure was not explained very clearly).

In my Windows 10 device manager, I can now see under the item “Ports (COM and LPT)” that the following 2 COM ports are available:

Slicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM5)
Slicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM6)

After doing that, I found that the Zwave controller was correctly recognized as a thing in the Paper UI (associated with the port COM6). It was then straighforward to update my OH code in such a way that Gocontrol is now successfully replacing the Zwave Aeotec stick I was using before.

The problem I have is with the Zigbee controller side of the stick. Note that I am new to Zigbee: I just acquired some Zigbee devices as well as the Gocontrol stick so that I could control both Zwave and Zigbee devices with the same usb stick. My expectation was that after installing the Zigbee binding, a Zigbee controller thing would show up in my Paper UI inbox (this time associated with COM5) in just the same way that the Zwave controller is showing up. But it does not.

Any suggestions?

You need to manually install the zigbee bridge - just select the Ember NCP and fill in the COM port details.

@chris Sorry that I had missed that: it is clearly stated in the binding doc. In trying to correct my mistake, I created a zigbee.things file that looks as follows:

Thing zigbee:coordinator_ember:stick "Zigbee USB Stick" 
//   zigbee_panid=35637, 
//   zigbee_extendedpanid="118E309DE90CC829", 
//   zigbee_networkkey="14 c6 a2 c7 fb e0 c3 19 8e 7c 36 30 dc ad a5 96", 
   zigbee_networkkey="14 c6 a2 c7 fb e0 c8 19 8e 7c 36 30 dc ad a5 96", 
//   zigbee_powermode=1, 

Afterwards, I was able to include my two new stelpro convectors. They are different models and one is recognized as a “Stelpro SORB” while the other is recognized as “Stelpro ST218” . However, I am a bit puzzled about the channels made available by those recognized devices: “temperature”, “local temperature”, “outdoor temperature”, and for the SORB only, “humidity”. It does not look as I am getting what is needed to control the thermostats, such as a setpoint.
Could it be that (in spite of the fact that the devices are recognized with specific names) their real capabilities are not specified in our OH databases?

No - there is no database. The binding interrogates the device, and provides channels for anything it knows how to handle.

I’m not familiar with this device at all so I can’t really say what it supports, and if the binding will provide support for any channels. There is an XML writting into the {userdata}/zigbee folder for the device - if you provide that I’ll take a look. It will provide some of the information to try and understand the device at least, although we might need logs and that can be tricky with some devices.

@chris Thanks a lot for your assistance: this is really great!

I am uploading the XML files of the two heaters: Stelpro_SORB and Stelpro_ST218.

Stelpro_SORB.xml (42.9 KB) Stelpro_ST218.xml (39.0 KB)

Searching for more info on Stelpro ST218, I found the following Zigbee-MQTT related page:

I don’t know if I can make use of that but it does look relevant.

Can you provide a list or screenshot of all the channels please?

Here are screen captures of the two channel lists.

Hope this is what you need…

Oh: I should have mentioned that for both heaters, the “Local Temperature” channel does successfully access the ambient room temperature.
Otherwise the values returned by the other channels are:

  • for the SORB: Outdoor Temperature= -327,7; Temperature = (nothing); Humidity: 0,0
  • for the ST218: Outdoor Temperature= (nothing), Temperature: -327,7

@chris - Did you see my screen captures? Do you have any comments or suggestions as to how I can move forward?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi again Chris,

I don’t know if you have seen my recent posts, but in the meantime I called the Stelpro company and spoke with their technical department. What they said was that at this point in time they only support Samsung Smartthings for their convectors.

I suppose that what this means for me is that if I want to integrate my convectors with my HA system, I will need to buy a SmartThings hub and use the Smartthings binding in OH. Does that sould like my best chance to you?

Thanks in advance.