Going nuts over MiOS Bridge Binding

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: AMD 64
    • OS: Ubuntu 18.04.03
    • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu 8
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0 stable (openhabian/repo install) / 2.5.0.M3 .deb package
  • Issue of the topic: Can hardly get MiOS bridge binding to work
  • Please post configurations (if applicable):
    • Items configuration related to the issue
    • Sitemap configuration related to the issue
    • Rules code related to the issue
    • Services configuration related to the issue
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I’m tearing my hair out trying to get my Vera controller into openHAB, I’m getting my Hue controller and Sonos stuff in without a hitch.

I have two done two separate installs but still can’t get it sorted.
I’m using the PaperUI and can install bindings for everything else and can also install the MiOS binding but can’t see it (seems to be standard).

I have enabled “Include legacy 1.x Bindings” and “Access Remote Repository” and “Simple mode” under “Item Linking”.

Sonos and Hue, hunky dory but not MiOS.

Tried following the https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/mios1/ Config but I’m getting lost a bit through.

Configuration / MiOS Unit Configuration.

/etc/openhab2/services/mios.cfg is present and there I set the IP of my Vera controller.

But the reference to openhab.cfg seems old afaikt.
ref:Where is the configuration file?
Openhab.cfg is not used in OpenHAB2/PaperUI.

Not a problem, /etc/openhab2/transform/ is populated with files, assuming from the MiOS binding install.

de.map                  miosDimmerCommand.map  miosMSwitch5.map        miosStatusIn.map                      miosTStatSetpointCoolCommand.map           miosWeatherConditionGroupIn.map
en.map                  miosLockCommand.map    miosMSwitch6.map        miosSwitchIn.map                      miosTStatSetpointHeatCommand.map           miosZWaveStatusIn.map
miosArmedCommand.map    miosMSwitch1.map       miosMSwitch7.map        miosSwitchOut.map                     miosUPnPRenderingControlMuteCommand.map    readme.txt
miosContactIn.map       miosMSwitch2.map       miosMSwitch8.map        miosTStatFanOperatingModeCommand.map  miosUPnPRenderingControlVolumeCommand.map
miosContactOut.map      miosMSwitch3.map       miosSceneActiveIn.map   miosTStatModeStatusCommand.map        miosUPnPTransportStatePlayModeCommand.map
miosDeviceStatusUI.map  miosMSwitch4.map       miosShutterCommand.map  miosTStatSetpointCommand.map          miosUnSwitchIn.map

Item Configuration
Here is where I’m starting to get lost.
The first part give me some info and examples of the bindings, sure.
I’m using the https://github.com/openhab/openhab1-addons/tree/master/bundles/binding/org.openhab.binding.mios/examples/scripts scripts with a small mod. Port 49451 that the miosLoad.sh (again, I’m assuming it’s age that is showing here, the scripts are 5 years old) doesn’t work but I have to use port 3480 instead to get the config read out from the Vera unit.

miosTransform.sh and everything works fine, I get my house.items file and copy it to /etc/openhab2/items/ and there is where I got lost.

PaperUI is not showing anything at all and I can’t get any switches or anything MiOS related showing here.
I’m assuming it shouldn’t since the bride binding is a legacy 1.x binding. Is that correct?
Am I forced to other GUI:s besides PaperUI when using legacy bindings?

I can get switches working via basicui but that includes loads of manual work configuring all of the switches, layout and everything and going through all that work for every single one of them is not something I’m wishing to do. If that is the case I will probably give up on OpenHAB and look elsewhere, it looked somewhat more promising then Home Assistant up until this… =/

All the forum posts I have found regarding this is also either old (2+ years) or not as comprehensive as I need to get it sorted. Some of them allude to getting things working in paperui but not stated clearly.

I can’t help with your specific problem but can answer a couple of things.

Correct, that is normal for 1.x bindings.

I recommend against Simple Mode and manually creating Items instead. You will end up disabling it at some point anyway and then will need to go back and redo everything it did for you.

Correct, when OH 2.0 was released the big monolithic openhab.cfg was split up into separate files, one per binding. Anything the docs says to put into openhab.cfg should be placed in mios.cfg without the mios: in front of each line.

This is a combination of the fact that you have enabled Simple Mode and it’s a 1.x binding. When you disable Simple Mode you will see a new Items entry under Config in PaperUI and you will be able to see your Items. However, you will not be able to change any of those Items through PaperUI. You must make any changes by editing the .items file.

Unfortunately that is something you will have to do. PaperUI is intended and is only capable of being an administration UI. And it’s only an administration UI for OH 2.x version bindings. Nothing from your MiOS Items will appear in the Control tab in PaperUI even after you disable Simple Mode.

BasicUI and HABPanel are where you need to build your custom user interface for your bespoke home automation system. You don’t want to give your hose guests an administration UI to turn off the lights, do you? As such, you need to build the interface they will use. But it’s not all that hard really. If you use HABPanel you do it all in the browser. If you do it on sitemaps, well, it’s one line per Item.

If this is going to be the thing that makes you give up I’m afraid you will likely be very unhappy with ANY open source home auotmation system and probably need to just stay with your Vera. If you want more capability and control over your home automation, it’s going to be more work.

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Thanks for straightening out a couple of my questions rikoshak!
It could be enough to get me going again, some of the confusion comes from contradicting posts/info when trying to find answers to my questions from different sources, spanning multiple versions.

Disabling Simple Mode did show me then new items so now I’m somewhat on my way at least.

Thing is I have no need for a locked down version without admin rights or custom panels. The chances that someone else besides me will try and use this is (sadly) minimal.

The family hasn’t really grasped the beauty of home automation. I primarily need something to create scenes and automations within and these parts seem more developed in OpenHAB then within for example Home Assistant.

Will have to see how much text config is needed and if I have enough energy to do it.

Thanks for giving me a nudge in the right direction!

Hi Daniel, welcome to the OpenHAB community.
As Rich said, Paper user interface is not really a capable user interface, it is mostly only useful for installing OH2 bindings and creating OH2 things. The control tab in Paper UI is only really good for confirming your OH2 things are present and working.
Most users (myself included) turn off simple mode and allow OH to create things, then create our items in a items file, as Rich mentioned. It is really quite simple and you will learn quickly.
Making a sitemap for use in Basic Ui is also quite simple and both of these tasks you will find plenty of help here on the forum.
It’s fun and it can be exactly what you want! Good luck and dig in!