Going to Automate my Pool

So I’m going to use a raspberry pi 3 and a few dual Sonoff switches reprogrammed to start my pool pumps, lights, etc.

I was wondering if this is wise before I start buying all of this? Anyone out there tried?

Also I’m thinking about changing my valves to auto. I think they run on 24v. Would I just down Volt the 120 to Control these?

Also is there a way to have the code run multiple relays at once with a timer? Like make sure when the pump comes on it changes the valves to run the pool.

Or have the pump come on and change the suction to the pool cleaner?

Hope I’m making sense. I’ve been watching MK SmartHouse and following some of his tutorials.

I use the excellent Autelis binding Dan wrote. If you have a Jandy, Pentair, or Hayward pool control system I highly recommend looking at the Autelis box which plugs right in and Dans great binding lets you control it all from OH.


I would be careful using sonoffs to start a pool pump. The sonoff relays are cheap and can’t handle big loads.
I would use the sonoff to trigger a biggers rated relay.

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I’ve been using GitHub - sfeakes/AqualinkD: Daemon to control Jandy Aqualink RS pool equipment from any home automation hub (Alexa, Homekit & Siri, Home Assistant, smartthings, domoticz etc) or web browser. to control my Jandy based pool with a raspberry PI it has a web UI and MQTT interface that you can integrate into openhab.