Good question regarding security

Hi Guys,

I use a Linux firewall to block the gateway of most devices on my network i don’t trust, eg, the China’s IP camera, TP-Link smart plugs, and other random devices.

I figure if these devices don’t get a gateway out to the internet via the DHCP server then nothing to worry about right?.

But now I want to buy a smartspeaker (google/alexa) whatever, and integrate it into openHAB for controlling devices around the house.

So heres the question, can I buy one of these smart speakers, disable the gateway (so it becomes just a LAN connected Microphone/Speaker), then have my openhab server relaying voice requests out via the internet to whatever service is more trustworthy than big-brother google or Amazon?

or in other-words, could i just install something like MyCroft and use the google hardware as an offline input/output device?

hope someone out there who owns a smartspeaker and shed some light on the subject, or offer alternative options.

Thanks Guys

Does this interest you?

Thanks Dude, I’ll have a look into this… :slight_smile:

I follow this sorry if thing pretty closely and I’m pretty sure the answer is no. The devices mutually authenticate between the speaker and the cloud services. Simply blocking and redirecting the network traffic won’t work.

If you want a smart speaker that uses something like Mycroft, you gotta build it yourself or buy one from them.