Good Weather widget with external URL for BasicUI webview?

Hi guys,

I wanted to ask if someone as coming across a good weather widget for BasicUI. The reason I’m asking for a widget and not want to implement it via a binding and route its information to a local formatted html file is, that I want to acess this widget via openhabcloud. And therefore the easiest way is to use a weather widget from an external website.

I looked at the which are nicely configurable, but I unfortunately don’t get a static URL out of it. Other websites offer widget, bu they embedded it with scripting (java), which is not useable as I want to use the webview element on the sitemap directing to an external website.

So does anyone know of a good weather widget, which might be configurable and has a direct static link as output?

Hey that’s a cool idea

You can use darksky widgets if you want you just need to create your own static webpage.

In the HTML folder in openhab create a file


<script type='text/javascript' src=',-71.05888/us12/en.js?height=500&title=Full Forecast&textColor=333333&bgColor=FFFFFF&skyColor=333&fontFamily=Default&units=us&htColor=333333&ltColor=C7C7C7&displaySum=yes&displayHeader=yes'></script>

You can use your own script you configure on dark sky

Then in your sitemap

Webview url="http://openhabianpi:8080/static/weather.html"

I use openhabian on pi but you can put your ip in.

I use OpenWeatherMap binding for my weather info.

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Hi James,

thanks for the tip. Unfortunately this doesn’t work remotley via myopenhab, as html are not getting proxied. I need a direct URL unfortunately so that I can put it directly in the webview url.

Are you using an nginx reverse proxy? If so, you can configure it it serve the page.

no, unfortunately not - I’m using the myopenhab service. I’m currently having my own html widget via the binding running and make an image out of it on a regular basis for display. But as you can imagine, this is not the best way to go

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