Google Assistant and Temperature/Humidity sensor

I’m trying to set up a temperature and humidity sensor to see it among objects inside Google Home application. I used the type “Thermostat”, setting the items “thermostatTemperatureAmbient”, “thermostatHumidityAmbient”, “thermostatTemperatureSetpoint” and creating an item with “thermostatMode”.
If I open Google Home I only see the temperature and not the humidity in the UI. However, if I ask the assistant to tell me the detected humidity, I am told the correct one.
Can’t see both temperature and humidity on the displayed object?

That is correct. I can only guess that google decided that controlling humidity is not a normal function of an AC system.

Okay, it’s clear: I don’t set the humidity from the thermostat.
But can’t it visualized? For example, if I access the Google support page for the Nest Thermostat (, I see this image in witch the humidity is also seen from the Google Home app.

Can’t you see this view?

Correct, I can’t see it in my iOS device:

But on android I see it:

Oh wow, interesting difference! I was using an iOS device.
Whether you know this difference is intentional or is it a bug (known?) to Google?
Thank you

It’s google. They don’t care. They have long standing bugs in their app that have been reported tons of times and they ignore them.
It’s probably not a bug, but they simply forgot to update the iOS ui.
But I’d kindly ask you to report it (send feedback) directly in the app. Who know maybe someone will see it?

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