Google Assistant Blinds and Routines

Hi There,

I have managed to control all blinds using google assistant and voice commands as follows:

  • “close all blinds in xyz-room”
  • “open all blinds in xyz-room”
    and so on…
    The items in OH have the correct Metadata, see below:

It is all done using OH Cloud connector to GA service. I am using Niko Home control binding for controling the items.

Unfortunatelly when using Google routines, there is no such option as “Open” Nor “Close”, just “Start” and “Stop”.
Tried to use “Start” or “Stop”, but it doesn’t work at all:

Please what is the problem and why Google is not populating “Open/Close” commands when using routines although it understands them?

Thanks for any hint regarding this.

Create a custom routine and type the command you would say “close the blinds in xyz.”
Alternatively instead of making the routine in google home, make it in openHAB.

Thanks, I will try. This action is one action (open/close blinds) of the whole action chain of the routine.
Is there a possibility to create custom routine and use it in another routine as action?

Creating the routine for one command (that GA understands anyway) is quite useless for this scenario I think
Thanks once more.

I got it, You meant custom action in routine, the last one: “Try adding your own”. Works great. Thanks once more

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Exactly! Happy you got it going :slight_smile:
Edit: oh right, keep in mind that google home routines are not running locally. Which means that if you have internet outages, the routines will not run.