Google assistant light on/off trouble

Anyone having an issue with google assistant voice commands for turning a light on/off. When I say " hey google, turn on bedroom light" google acts as if it’s doing so but the light never changes. However when I say " hey google, set bedroom light to 100%" the light turns on. I can’t seem to find any talk about this issue and I am not sure if it is something simple I am missing. Thanks for any help

I personally don’t have any trouble with the GA and lights. If you provide us with maybe your item setup and the openhab log we can maybe pinpoint where the error occurs. Might be between GA and openhab, or between openhab and the binding…etc.

No issue here. Still works fine. I use “turn light on/off” every day.

Guys i have found the issue, it was right in front of my face. i have my lights on MQTT and they accept a value between 0-255, i had a transform that did the math to convert 0-100% to 0-255 and i did not take into account and “ON” and “OFF” command. sorry to have wasted time :slight_smile:

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