Google Assistant Local SDK

This looks really interesting for us:

(more blurb… : )

Eliminating the need for cloud services should really speed things up! and i would think make it much easier to develop/test new features without their having to be a single cloud instance that @MARZIMA manages for us…

I just hope this SDK supports a single endpoint ( our Openhab instances ) hosting all sorts of device types and traits… fingers crossed!

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Based on reporting elsewhere though, we might not have access to these APIs. For example:

The new program will allow data sharing between connected devices and apps, but only for a handful of tightly screened partners, Google’s Rishi Chandra told Variety .

Since IFTTT didn’t make the cut what hope do we have?

Though it’s not clear to me that this API is the same as the Works with Google Assistant API or something different. It’s all very confusing.

Released ???

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