Google Assistant, MyQ Garage Saying Open and Close no effect but Turn On and Off works

Hello I was able to add / link OpenHab successfully but now I have only one item, a rolling shutter for garage door which shows up in Google as a Garage Door with the Garage Door symbol but below that I only see example commands of Ask to Turn on Garage Door and Ask to Turn Off Garage door. If I click one of those or say it then it works. But if I use a natural Close or Open it does not work. any idea why Rollershutter shows up in Google as a On Off switch?

here is my item config:

Rollershutter rollingshutter_GarageDoor "Garage Door" (Home, Garage) channel="chamberlainmyq:MyQDoorOpener:57d809xx:CG084302Addd:rollerstate", ga="Garage" [ roomHint="Garage" ]} 

You appear to be missing an opening { in front of your channel definition.

I think that was removed on the post here by mistake. please ignore that.

I’d suggest trying one of the other rollershutter options to see what happens:

  • Rollershutter { ga="Blinds" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Curtain" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Door" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Garage" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Gate" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Pergola" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Shutter" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Window" }

Save your item and then ask Google to sync your devices. It should update pretty quickly.

@michikrug, would the ON/OFF instead of OPEN/CLOSE be an issue on our side of the action or on Google’s side?

In that case, your definition functionally matches mine which works as it should with open/close.

Rollershutter GA_GarageDoor "Garage Door" <garagedoor> { ga="Garage" [tfaPin="XXXX"], synonyms="Garage",channel="chamberlainmyq:MyQDoorOpener:b0ef80da:CG0846020D31:rollerstate"}

I’d recommend you re-save your definition file without the item (either delete the line or comment out doesn’t matter) so that OH fully removes the links. Then add the complete definition back in. I’ve found, particularly in the 2.5.X versions that OH doesn’t always correctly modify existing links if you change the definitions and it’s always more reliable to kill the link and start new than just modify.

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That’s interesting. I haven’t had any trouble updating my devices in Google Assistant when I edit items. Of course, Google services are the model for “what does or doesn’t work today may or may not work tomorrow”. :wink:

I tried deleting and adding again. Same result unfortunately.
@rpwong I tried Blinds, Gate, Shutter all same result.
Here is how it shows in PaperUI :
And here is how it looks in google :

It feels to me like it’s an issue on the Google side. There have been bugs that show up in some countries/languages, but not others (similar to how some features are also country-dependent).

What do you see in your log when you send a command via Google Assistant? Is it rollingshutter_GarageDoor changed to OPEN/CLOSED or is it changed to ON/OFF?

You can also try creating an entirely new item and seeing what Google does when you add it.

Rollershutter rollingshutter_TEST "TEST" {ga="Garage"} 

If this also says ON/OFF, it’s very likely a Google bug that you should report. But if it works, then it’s more likely a caching issue in openHAB.

@rpwong I think I found the issue thanks to your suggestion. I created a new item with the name Garage Gate which opened and closed properly. So I remembered I setup IFTTT with OpenHab long time back when OpenHab integration was not available for Google. I deleted the IFTTT actions yesterday but somehow it is still not clearing the cache on google side I think :thinking:? Anyway for now I guess I am going to have to use a different name other than garage and use it. I spend the last 3 days scratching my head over this. :sob: sometimes I wonder if this is all worth it! Lol.

It might help if you go into your IFTTT account and disconnect Google Assistant. Weird that IFTTT was impacting what Google showed you, but Google was still able to send commands directly to OH.

FYI, if you change the name of a device in the Google Home app, then you can refer to it both as the official name (what it was discovered with) and the nickname (what you edited it to be in GH). So, you might be able to use that as a workaround.

I find that a lot of problems come from “things we did long ago”. And I don’t know about you, but in my case it’s because I’m terrible at documenting my work. So whenever something like this happens, I take it as me punishing myself. And yet, I haven’t learned from it.

I will try this, thank you for that trick.
Edit: I just did and looks like the keyword is Garage is doomed for me. Doesn’t work. I think Google and IFTTT messed it up for me sadly. Disappointed :frowning:

I agree completely. LOL

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