Google Assistant not telling temperature in modes "eco" and "heatcool"?


I recently got myself new thermostats, that support more than only heating mode.
I setup my items so that in Google Home app I can see and control the thermostats just fine, with all the mapped modes.
However, when I ask my Google Home Mini to tell me the temperature in a room where the mode is set to eco or heatcool, it doesn’t tell me the temperature but only that the thermostate is in state “eco”/“heatcool”.

Is that because of openhab, or because I could have something wrong?
Or is that by design?

Hope someone can give me a heads up!

Edit: just found out that when I set my two temperature channels for that thermostat to thermostatTemperatureSetpointHigh and thermostatTemperatureSetpointLow that the “heatcool” mode does tell me a temperature when asked. So there must be a way to be able to achieve this in eco mode, too.

So I managed to get temperature readings in “eco” and “heatcool” by adding the low and high setpoints.
However there seems to be no convenient way to set the “eco” temperature on Google Home.
I thought I could reuse the heatcool mode to be ablte to set the setpoint heating and the setpoint eco for my thermostat. But that would not work for voice commands as it sets the temperature to be in the middle of high and low, and so this is not as I had intended it to be.

So far what I have got working is that in eco the assistant tells me the temperature when asked, but it says “…and the temperature is set between 18 and 18 degrees.”

If anyone has got a tip on how I could make this any more convenient I’d love to hear it :slight_smile:

My configuration now is as follows

Group gThermostatBuero "Büro Thermostat" { ga="Thermostat" [modes="off=0,eco=11,heatcool=15,heat=1,on=1"]} Number ThermostatBuero_CurrentTemp "Büro Temperatur" (gThermostatBuero) {channel="zwave:device:xxxxxxx:node4:sensor_temperature",ga="thermostatTemperatureAmbient"} Number ThermostatBuero_TargetTemp "Büro Soll Temperatur" (gThermostatBuero) {channel="zwave:device:xxxxxxx:node4:thermostat_setpoint_heating", ga="thermostatTemperatureSetpoint"} Number ThermostatBuero_HighTemp "Büro Hoch Temperatur" (gThermostatBuero) {channel="zwave:device:xxxxxxx:node4:thermostat_setpoint_heating", ga="thermostatTemperatureSetpointHigh"} Number ThermostatBuero_EcoTemp "Büro eco Temperatur" (gThermostatBuero) {channel="zwave:device:xxxxxxx:node4:thermostat_setpoint_heating_econ", ga="thermostatTemperatureSetpointLow"} Number ThermostatBueroMode "GA Büro Thermostat Modus" (gThermostatBuero) {channel="zwave:device:xxxxxxx:node4:thermostat_mode" , ga="thermostatMode"}