Google Assistant Openhab link not working in both iOS and Android

is the cloud - google assistant binding working or is it broken? I have been cracking my head for over a day trying to get the openhab to link to google assistant but when I click Openhab in the list of link
in Android - it goes to myopenhab where I authorize but after that it comes back to assistant and says “something went wrong”
in iOS - it simply comes back immediately with openhab linked without even going to myopenhab for authorization.

tried iOS in few devices with same result and removed/ reinstalled apps as well.
my item file looks like this:
Switch Switch_GarageDoor “Garage Door” (gGarage) {channel=“chamberlainmyq:MyQDoorOpener:xxx:xxx:doorstate”, ga=“Switch” }

It works for me but I’ve had it set up for a long time now. I don’t know if there might be a problem for those just starting to set it up. The only gotcha used to be that you had to have at least one Item properly configured for GA to discover or else the account linkage would fail.

Have you tried asking GA to “sync devices”? Maybe it’s linked and working despite the error.

Yes tried GA sync to no avail. Should I dare you to try removing and adding the link again? :wink:
Shy of creating a new google account I have tried everything else including creating a matching email account with openhab. Same result. Anyway to debug this on my openhab cloud side?

@Rathna-K I had this same issue a couple years ago when I setup my google link.

In the end I am not sure what fixed it other than time. I do however seem to remember I tagged only one dummy item. Then tried to link. Once it worked it just worked and has always worked.

Apparently there was some mistake I was making but I for the life of me could never figure out what and one day it just linked.

It still seems to work for me to add my account, but since it worked before it’s hard to say whether Google is caching something.

iOS still not working but was able to get it working with Android. dont ask me why because I have no idea! :man_shrugging:

I am trying to get this working and I have to say anything Google related and Openhab is just a disaster area. Like why do we need to allocate fixed IP addresses to our chromecast devices.

I just installed the icloud binding and within minutes had widgets on my screens with my iphone and ipad battery status.

Now as for the rest, whoever worked on the Alexa binding is a legend, it just works, like I am porting my routines over from Alexa to openhab so I have the power of Openhab to access my Tuya devices via Alexa.

As for Google, well it has been relegated to the bottom of the pile, Openhab sends a TTS command to Alexa to tell Google to run the news scripts because Google gets confused if you tell it play news.

We use Google cloud services for our home and business and seriously Google is disappointing me.