Google Assistant setup help

I’m stuck pretty early in the instructions. Where it says

Modify functions/config.js

  1. Change host to point to your openHAB Cloud instance, for example: . Do not include https , if you do you’ll get DNS errors.
  2. Change path to the rest API. Defaults to /rest/items/ .

Where is this “functions/config.js”? I searched my entire hard drive for config.js and there was nothing related to openhab or google assistant. I feel like I must have missed a step somewhere, but looking over the instructions, I don’t see anything.

The description ( ) is related to the git repository.
This needs to be cloned. You then find the related file in the functions dir.
E.g. Problem with Openhab/openhab-google-assistant helps.

OMG. OK, I’m an idiot. How did I not see that?


OK, next dumb question.

I am up to the point to set up the database

Setup your Database
SSH into to your openHAB Cloud instance
Open the MongoDB client mongo and enter these commands

When they say “SSH into your openHAB Cloud instance”, do they mean SSH into something on, or something in my Google Cloud project? I have been looking for SSH info for both and I haven’t found it.

Thanks in advance!

in principle it is As I doubt that you are allowed to ssh into I assume that you need to create your own instance - I am running my own instance. On your own instance you will find mongodb.

Sweet! I didn’t even know that was an option. Is this what you used?