Google Assistant - "Sorry , I can't reach lights right now"

Hi I’ve tried to search solution on the forum with no succsess.

I’ve Google Home Mini for almost 1 year, and I don’t know why when I trying to switch on/off items on the room , Google doing that and really Switcing Off/On items but she is telling me “Sorry, I can’t reach lights right now, Please try again” , and turn on/off lights.

Why she doing that, what is this error she is saying?

Thank you.

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If action is actually executed, but you get this warning then this is a known issue which hopefully should get fixed soon. You can track progress here

i have the same very annoying problem too.I think it has something to do with new Google api and the way it is working with openHab cloud.I wish i could help but my coding knowledge is limited so i am waiting for a fix too …

Dunno if my setup is part of the same problem or not, but I am only able to get some of my devices to work in google home. The devices that show offline in google home can still be reached directly in openhab. I can’t seem to find a rhyme or reason why most of my lights work just fine but I have a problem with 4 of them. Is there an upper limit on the number of devices that can work over the openhab cloud connector?