Google assistant Structurehint and roomhint not working

Hi all I have two homes configured in the google home app, I used to have all items put in the correct room in the correct structure when running openhabian 3.1 and after a clean install of a intel nuc with ubuntu 22.04 and oh 3.3 my textual configured items will not get located in the right room, I had a problem at first after installation that all items where offline and try to unlink and then link openhab again and I guess thats the user action that got this started, the reason items where offline was the fact that they had state NULL, so I shouldnt had done the unlinking and maybe all would had been working.

So for the moment I have all 50 items online and working but need to manually move them to the right room in Home app and that’s a bit anoying. Do anyone know or have some thoughts about why my metadata doesn’t get properly handled by Google?

Switch preset_kitchen_6 “Mix megapol” (presetKitchenPlaying,media_restore) {ga=“Switch” [ structureHint=“Hem”, roomHint=“Kök” ], expire=“1s,command=OFF”}

I have the same problem, did you solve it?