Google assistant Structurehint and roomhint not working

Hi all I have two homes configured in the google home app, I used to have all items put in the correct room in the correct structure when running openhabian 3.1 and after a clean install of a intel nuc with ubuntu 22.04 and oh 3.3 my textual configured items will not get located in the right room, I had a problem at first after installation that all items where offline and try to unlink and then link openhab again and I guess thats the user action that got this started, the reason items where offline was the fact that they had state NULL, so I shouldnt had done the unlinking and maybe all would had been working.

So for the moment I have all 50 items online and working but need to manually move them to the right room in Home app and that’s a bit anoying. Do anyone know or have some thoughts about why my metadata doesn’t get properly handled by Google?

Switch preset_kitchen_6 “Mix megapol” (presetKitchenPlaying,media_restore) {ga=“Switch” [ structureHint=“Hem”, roomHint=“Kök” ], expire=“1s,command=OFF”}

I have the same problem, did you solve it?

Hi unfortunatley no progress at all. Strange thing that everytging worked before the clean install same txtbased config did not work. I one thread there was a post about google not supporting metadata structure and room hint according to docs but in another place in the docs it says it support it. I should be pleased to solve this issue or make my google min microphones stt service to trigger rules. Google tts api works really nic compared to freeware.

I removed so i just have one Home and then removed structureHint and then i got it to work.

Long time since your post, but did the room hint worked with just one home?


Maybe I will give that i try yhen, but I need to reconfigure booth primary and secondary home.

Can confirm that my roomHint started working again after removing my second home in Google Assistant. At first new devices just showed up in the bottom “Linked to you”. As soon as i removed my parents home my roomhints worked and the lights were placed in the correct rooms.

It really seemslike structurehint doesn’t work I have two homes in google assistant and need too keep booth of them. One workaround could be to temporarly delete my secondary home but thats alot of work for it.

Yes I can confirm roomhint works but structurehint seems difficult. As soon as I remowed all other homes It worked, I had my house and my appartment and one setup for travelling.