Google Assistant (Thermostat Issue)

I have connected a few zwave smart devices to my Google Assistant using the OpenHab Cloud Connector and below is the items I am using - everything works but, the thermostat.
Google Assistant sees a thermostat when I link it to OpenHab but, Google Assistant doesn’t show any information on the thermostat and I can’t make any changes to it. I followed the Google Assistant docs here for the setup and I’m wondering if I need something more for the mode on the thermostat. It is a zwave thermostat…

Switch Inside_Kitchen_Light “Kitchen Light” [“Switchable”] {channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node6:switch_binary”}
Switch Outside_Back_Lights “Backyard Lights” [“Switchable”] {channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node14:switch_binary”, channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node16:switch_binary”, channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node15:switch_binary”}
Switch Outside_Front_Lights “Frontyard Lights” [“Switchable”] {channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node10:switch_binary”, channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node9:switch_binary”}
Switch Outside_Back_Waterfall “Waterfall” [“Switchable”] {channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node17:switch_binary”}
Switch Outside_Back_Shed_Lights “Shed Lights” [“Switchable”] {channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node18:switch_binary”}
Switch Inside_Front_Door_Lock “Front Door” [“Switchable”] {channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node24:lock_door”}

Number Inside_Front_Door_Battery “Battery[%d %%]” {channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node24:battery-level”}

Group g_House_TSTAT “Thermostat” [ “Thermostat” ]
Number Inside_HVAC_Current_Temperature “Current Temperature[%.1f °F]” (g_House_TSTAT) [“CurrentTemperature”] {channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node11:sensor_temperature”}
Number Inside_HVAC_Mode “Thermostat Mode” (g_House_TSTAT) [“homekit:HeatingCoolingMode”] {channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node11:thermostat_mode”}
Number Inside_HVAC_Heating_SetPoint “Heating Temperature[%.1f °F]” (g_House_TSTAT) [“TargetTemperature”] {channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node11:thermostat_setpoint_heating”}
Number Inside_HVAC_Cooling_SetPoint “Cooling Temperature[%.1f °F]” (g_House_TSTAT) [“TargetTemperature”] {channel=“zwave:device:c4836db6:node11:thermostat_setpoint_cooling”}

I’m not using GA but I’m sure noone who does will be able to tell what’s wrong unless you show a debug level log of ZWave, GA and eventually openhabcloud.

What hits the eye is that you map lighting items to multiple zwave devices.
Not sure if that makes GA stumble but either way, you should better use groups of items mapped to a single channel each only instead.

And please follow How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You. At least use code fences, but you also need to describe your config comprehensively, include logs etc.


Try changing “Number Inside_HVAC_Mode” to “String Inside_HVAC_Mode”

If I change the “homekit:HeatingCoolingMode” attribute to “HeatingCoolingMode” I am able to set the temperature again but, still unable to change the mode - it looks like I am experiencing the problem you posted above. From reading the post it looks like the problem has yet to be resolved so I will keep monitoring it.