Google Assistant to Openhab... with a little help from IFTTT

Google Assistant just got integration with IFTTT. Makes me think that a Google Home integration should be 100% possible now. At least if you’re ok with IFTTT being the middle man.

I hope so, but id really prefer not to have to use a cloud service for any automation…the added latency removes a good deal of impressiveness!

Oh and the ability to give it a name… im not going to use it if i have to say “OK Google”…

Google Assistant and Google Home are both cloud services already. All (or almost all) of the voice to text processing takes place on their servers, not locally.

But I believe you can train it to respond to anything. “OK Google” is just the default wakeup phrase.

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@rlkoshak - You’re quite right Rich. I wasnt thinking about the voice processing being done but rather just the IFTTT component. Im in Australia, so latency can really wreck things…

There are some guys here in Aus who have ordered a Google Home device so Ill be watching to see how they get on with it.

I was really close to buying Amazon Echo Dot the other day…but figured ill wait for Google Home…

I also wish openhab will be Google Assistant compatible. I guess we will see in December when Action on Google opens up. (Google assistant on raspberrypi anyone?)
I think that is what ifttt is using.
Currently, phone (local) to google assistant (cloud) to ifttt (cloud) to (cloud) to openhab (local) is painful. Especially with the current outage for item updates.

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Is this currently working for someone?

I checked my IFTTT openhab channel which is working with various triggers.

I checked my IFTTT google assistant channel which is working as a trigger for some actions, eg turning bluetooth off on my phone.

But it’s no working if I choose an openhab action triggered by a google assistant command…

The latest google assistant on my phone allows you to set up devices and rooms, so far these are:

Philips Hue

As I don’t have any of these I was wondering whether I could emulate them in Openhab then use rules to control my actual devices??

There are people using a modified Hue Emulator binding to work with Google Home. I’m not sure if it will work with Assistant on the phone. Strangely, Assistant on Home, Phone, and Allo all behave differently.