Google Assistant TV channel not working

I’m trying to setup the Google Assistant integration with my TV, but I can’t get the channel selection working.
Currently I have these items:

Group  gaTVSalon "TV Salón" {ga="TV" [availableChannels="1=Channel1=NBC,2=Channel2=CBS"]}
Switch TVSalon "TV Salón" <screen> (gaTVSalon) ["Switch"] {ga="tvPower"}
Dimmer VolumenTVSalon "Volumen [%s]" <soundvolume> (gaTVSalon) {channel="samsungtv:tv:TVSalon:volume",ga="tvVolume"}
String SeleccionCanalTVSalonTV "Selección Canal TV" <screen> (gaTVSalon) {ga="tvChannel"}

And these rules:

rule "Prueba GA Tele canal"
    Item SeleccionCanalTVSalonTV received command
    logInfo("GA","Received command: "+receivedCommand)

rule "Prueba GA Tele canal update"
    Item SeleccionCanalTVSalonTV received update
    logInfo("GA","Received update: "+SeleccionCanalTVSalonTV.state)

In the Google Home app I can see this:

Volume and on/off switch are working correctly.
But when I tap to change the channel nothing happens. Only up and down arrows are tappable and there is no channel selection list (should there be?). No command or update received.
If I try to change the channel with voice it replies (more or less): “Ok, I’m changing to CBS on TV Salón… Ops, it seems the channel CBS is not available”. It recognizes I’m trying to change the channel, but it doesn’t find it. No command or update received, either.
Am I doing anything wrong?

No, you are not doing anything wrong. The config looks fine.

I am actually surprised that there is a UI for channel selection. There never has been one so far. :smiley:
So I also do not know if there should be a channel selection list too.
Relative channel change is not supported (yet). So using the arrows is expected to not work.

Changing it per voice using the number or name should work though. Although the name matching seems a bit tricky. Could you try saying something like “change to channel 1”?.

I will in the meantime have a look if the name matching can maybe improved somehow.

Thank you for your work and for your answer.
Yes, if I tell it to change the channel by number it works (only 1 and 2, as they are the only ones specified in the metadata).
But then, what are the names for?

I just run a fresh test at my setup and have to tell you it works pretty well at my end also with names.
Tested it with e.g. “NBC” (which is actually responded with its full name and also sent to the API with it, but reported the correct number) and “Disney Plus” (which was detected as Disney+ but also with correct number).

I also checked the UI and there is no channel list for me. The arrows are presented but as already told without function.

Weird. I can’t get it to work. Thanks anyway.

I wonder if that particular feature isn’t available in your region? In Canada we tend to get new functionality after the US, so I imagine it could vary in other countries/regions.

Could be the case, but then, why would the channel controls show up in the Google Home app and would it recognize I’m trying to change the channel with voice?
Anybody has got this to work in Spain?

let me know when somefind right solution