Google assistant - where to find list of supported devices in google home app

Do you know where i can find list of supported devices in google home app… I am trying to SEE some sensors (humadity, air quality) in the app presented as a graphical icon but only thing i can do and operate is light, switches, thermostat (with temperature indication) but sensors are visible, but without any indications which is useless :frowning:
Do you have any alternative app for android which will connect to openhab which better support? (iOS home app is much better)

I don’t know anything like that, but usually if the sensor is visible in the app with that generic symbol and no actions then you can usually ask google for it.
For the longest time there were no blinds/shutters controls on the app. But if you asked google you could control them.
Door sensors also showed nothing. But if you asked google she could tell you whether it was open or closed.

I don’t think Google documents how devices show up in their app, since they’re constantly changing things. It’s basically: what you see is what you get. If you see your sensor and don’t see values, that’s because Google hasn’t made it possible to do so…and likely won’t.

The problem with the Google Home app is that Google can’t decide whether it’s a primary interface for controlling devices, or a backup to “Hey Google” voice commands. So they keep messing with the app to improve it as an interface, while also limiting what you can do with it. Making matters worse, a Nest Hub will show you information that you can’t see in the app.

You mean like the openHAB Android app?

Yes what i trying achieve is to give the same UX controlling openhab based setup by ios and android.Openhab app is behind ios, ewlink or tuya aps, which are much better. UI/UX

All the openHAB app does is display Main UI pages or a sitemap. There are lots of options for customizing Main UI, so it can be as good or as bad as you choose to make it.

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Exactly right.
Calling out an application that you can customize yourself completely is basically calling yourself out…