Google assistant with oh3 and oh2.5 co-exist during my oh3 learning time

hello, I am still in oh2.5 with google assistant thru myopenhab account. can I add oh3 with the same myopenhab account and add same items (maybe with different names) in oh3 to test so I can learn to use oh3 before I retire oh2.5? UI is throwing me off in the new one and need more time to learn and don’t want to shutdown oh2.5 just yet. so I am thinking I will take the UUID and secret from oh2.5 and paste it in oh3 so they both are same. not sure if it will work with both instance running or one shutdown, thoughts?

Thanks for any insights in advance, RK

I’d say to just keep it attached to 2.5 while you’re figuring out 3. The switch should be easy when you’re ready. If it’s about testing, any commands you’d give via GA would be the same as toggling switches in the UI.

If you’re set on this, copying the secret and UUID might work, but might also lead to GA telling you devices aren’t available. You’ll need to manually resync GA every time you switch the servers. Not a big deal, but it doesn’t seem like there’s enough benefit to make the extra effort worthwhile.

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I would just program OH3 as if you had all the google connected (OHCC) and just swap it when you are finished or for testing

Thank you, i am going to try the concurrent solution and see if i blow up anything… its just it would take several days for me to program everything i have in 2.5 and with other things in life, dedicating time non-stop for this is not possible…